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Launcher Full

IR Launcher Full

This program version is for those people who have more complex needs. It can launch applications with arguments, close running programs before launching applications, toggle LED lights and will also make convenient shortcuts for you.

Important Notes:

  • You must quote file paths in the arguments line. Do not add quotes in the Program line, those are added by the program silently. 
    • This is due to the vastly different formats of arguments from one program to another, I tried to make it work without you having to add quotes to the arguments, but I failed :(
    • If your argument is simply a file, or includes a file path a little secret is that you can click the words "Arguments (you MUST quote paths)" and you will get a file browse window. After you've found the item you want as an argument, just add quotes to the line!
  • In the Media Killer, custom arguments must be the process as listed in the Task Manager (but don't include the appended *32 if you're on a 64 bit machine)
  • If you plan to use LEDSdriver software, you should install it in your default Program files directory path (I.E. %Program Files%\LEDSdriver\LEDSdriver.exe). This will only be an issue for someone who chooses an install directory for the program outside the normal install location.

Programs and Arguments, explanation and examples.

Situation 1:
When browsing the internet from your couch you want to go to but you don't want to set your homepage to and have it launch that every time you fire up internet exploder, just when on your couch, remote in hand.  You need an argument specific to this situation.


  • Choose Button A Launcher tab
  • Set 1st program to Internet Exploder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
  • Set the arguments for 1st Program to:

Situation 2:
You want to be able to play Fallout New Vegas by simply clicking a button on your remote and then picking up your game controller.  This usually involves digging up the .iso file, mounting it (virtual clone drive or dameon tools), turning on xpadder and picking the correct profile and then launching the game.  Also, you are gonna need to close iTunes and Windows Media Center so that your game doesn't bog down.


  • Choose Button B Launcher tab
  • Set 1st program to Virtual Clone Drive: C:\Program Files (x86)\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTLite.exe
  • Set the arguments for 1st Program to: -mount 0, "C:\ISOGAMEFOLDER\FalloutNV.iso" (example location of where you have placed your ISO files) Daemon tools command line
    • Please note, I make ISO files of my games because my daughter thinks that DVDs are delicious, and the more expensive the DVD the tastier it is.
  • Set 2nd program to Xpadder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Xpadder\xpadder.exe
  • Set the arguments for 2nd Program to: FNV (this is just what you've named your xpadder profile)
  • Set 3rd program to Fallout New Vegas: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Fallout New Vegas\FNV.exe" (I don't have the game, so this is an example)
  • Check the "Include the Media Killer when performing button A" box.
    • verify that you've checked iTunes and WMC on the Media Killer tab

Now, from your remote you can tap A and go straight to youtube or B and fire up your game!  YAY!

The Media Killer, explanation and examples

The media killer option is pretty simple.  You configure it on the last tab and then on each of the 4 button tabs you can choose to use it or not.  If chosen, it will run before the arguments listed for the button, find the processes if they are running and kill them.  


You have been playing iTunes all day and have a Movie paused in media browser. Your partner / roommate has also been watching Hulu and has that paused.  You've also been doing a bit of work and have the Outlook Web Access open in internet explorer.  Now you want to play Fallout New Vegas (Button B) but your CPU usage with all those media programs is about 90%.  Your game is going to stutter and your frame-rate will probably give you a seizure. 


Make sure you've checked the boxes for iTunes, WMC, and Hulu and added iexplore.exe as a custom process to Media Killer.  Then, make sure it is checked on Button B tab.  They'll all be closed before your game is launched :)

Notes about the Media Killer:
  • It's cool if you've chosen programs that aren't running, it'll just pass over that w/o making a fuss
  • The media killer is the same for all four buttons.
  • Know that this kills the program by ending the process and doesn't give you an option to save any changes you've made. This is not a big deal for normal media programs, but if you've set a custom to something like Microsoft Word it could actually cause you to loose the changes you've made.
  • If you want to investigate a process to include as a custom, launch the task manager (I've included a button) then:
    • On the Applications tab, right click the program you want to include as a custom Media Killer Option and click on "Go to Process" (at the bottom)
    • In the first column under Image Name you will see the process you are investigating highlighted. The highlighted word in the first column is what you want to put  in the Custom 1,2,or 3 box.
    • NOTE: If you are on a 64 bit system, you will see the little *32 appended to many of the process names. DO NOT include that when you enter it into the custom box.

LEDSdriver Software (separate software that works with the Launcher)

LEDSdriver software by Herman van Eijk allows you to control the LED lights on your keyboard or custom lights you connect to the serial headers on your computer. I've written the Seabyrd Launcher to allow you to include LED flashes along with your A-D button presses.  Get it at his site and let it install in the normal path. Then configure User events 0,1, and 2 to do whatever you like.

To enable, check Yes on the Settings/Options tab

LEDS driver is helpful in many situations, consider these examples:
  • You think its awesome to control Light
  • You want to know if your button presses A-D are actually working.
  • You want to know if the programs called by a button press are still initiating.
  • You (like me) have installed a custom LED and hidden your media center, and like to know whats happening behind the scenes.

You can see that in the above LEDS configuration User Event 0 blinks the Num lock, 1 blinks the Caps lock, and 2 blinks the Scroll lock.  

If you configured your Seabyrd Launcher as shown, when you press button A, your Num lock button would flash until the last programs in A finished.

Shortcut Creator

This is a nice little feature I built in since I use shortcuts on my start menu to launch programs (Win+down+enter...) I threw this on to make it simple to get the shortcuts and arguments correct.

Note that shortcuts to items you haven't configured (TV guide, etc) will just launch Media Center in its default configuration.  Also, they all automatically skip the windows media center splash screen. Saves a few seconds.