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AutoIt script that will allow you to permanently set a few .exe files and run them as a user different from the one currently logged on. 

Useful if you want to make an installer that doesn't require a password from the person running it (you want your users or another lower-level tech to to the installs).   While running the final product doesn't require anything special, initially creating it from this script templae requires you to be able to read, edit and compile an AutoIt script.  Get AutoIt here, and be sure to grab the Scite editing tool. Makes it 100x easier!

  • If you only need to be able to run a program as a different user once, just use the Jedi Tool above, launch a cmd window, and drop the exe into that window.
  • FYI - if you don't want to or can't compile this yourself, I can create a version specifically for you for a $10 donation.