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Mouse Monkey

Very simple program that will move your mouse every 60 seconds.  Great if you need to keep your session active, be it to stop a company mandated screen-saver from launching or to keep a your desktop from entering sleep mode..  

I made it b/c all the other ones out there seem too complex, they want your email address or they want money?  Really?  This is like 20 lines of code (see below)

  • Ctrl+Shift+M to exit
  • Very very simple, almost zero system impact
  • NO INSTALL - standalone product.  No messy install or uninstall
  • Simple, effective, easy.
  • No settings, zero learning curve; just download, double-click and voila' - your computer is now gonna stay awake
  • *NEW* - silent version. Same deal, just no initial popup.  Nice b/c you can launch it remotely (say on your living room media pc) and it'll keep that machine awake while you watch movies on your laptop in bed!
    • How to (assume the following things about this example)
      • You want to keep the PC in your living room awake so you can stream a movie from it to your laptop in bed.
      • MEDIA is the name of the PC in your living room
      • an admin user on that pc is GUY (must be admin, must have password for this to work)
      • GUY's password is PASSY
    • Put mousemoversilent.exe somewhere on the target pc. Then make a scheduled task for yesterday titled monkey (yesterday b/c we'll be running it from a batch, we don't actually want it to run automatically).
      • Batch command to start the monkey (to be run from your laptop)
        • schtasks /RUN /S MEDIA /TN monkey /U MEDIA\GUY /P PASSY
      • Batch command to stop the monkey (to be run from your laptop)
        • schtasks /END /S MEDIA /TN monkey /U MEDIA\GUY /P PASSY

MD5   : 35a32102e85a63cbe09397eeabc50252
SHA1  : 9d71875f9136b20753428e79b351e3b9b8a60123
SHA256: 751f543db6d6b3449824cddc7f5b701c407145e020b866b66b982d37a3f54021

In fact, here is the code if you want to make it yourself:

HotKeySet ("+^m", "quit") ; shift ctrl m

MsgBox (0, "Seabyrd Tech - Mouse Monkey", "This program will center your mouse and move it a little bit every 60 seconds."&@crlf&@crlf&"To quit Mouse Monkey hit shift+ctrl+m or just right click the monkey near the clock", 15)
MouseMove (@DesktopWidth / 2, @DesktopHeight / 2)
$pos = MouseGetPos()
$x = $pos[0]
$y = $pos[1]
$i = 0

While $i = 0
$x = $x + 40
$y = $y + 40
MouseMove ($x, $y)
sleep (60000)
$x = $x - 40
$y = $y - 40
MouseMove ($x, $y)
sleep (60000)

Func quit ()