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Jedi Admin

Windows 7 User Account Control is a good idea.  Stops the less savvy among us from installing or attempting to install something horrible and does a decent job of it. Unfortunately, it disables any remote input when it launches, effectively negating the effectiveness of remote tools such as TeamViewer and LogMeIn.  With the Jedi Admin tool, you just log into a remote system, launch the Jedi Admin and continue about your work. Since anything you launch with Jedi is already running with elevated credentials, you don't get the annoying show-stopping UAC popup.  

  • Awesome Remote Logoff tool (coworker monopolizing the terminal services? Not anymore!!!)
    • Bounce users from servers without having to remember all the command line arguments
  • Launchers for common tasks
    • command window
      • EX: run appwiz.cpl from the command window to add/ remove programs as a different user!
    • MMC
      • Run this then use the Add Snap in to add computer management, AD management, Device manager, etc...
    • Windows Task Manager
    • Regedit
    • Nslookup
    • Remote Desktops
    • shutdown / reboot
    • Microsoft malicious software removal tool
  • Scheduler
    • Schedule tasks on remote machines as a different user