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A little joke program I wrote on the suggestion of our lead developer. 

Pops this image up for .2 seconds, then hides for 6 minutes. 

Great gag to stick in a buddy's start-up folder or just put it on his computer and run it when he gets up to to go to the bathroom. Guarantees several "WTF was that!' moments...

This exe will 'hide' as wininiit.exe (similar name to a windows process). Here is the code for it in case you wanted to make your own picture or adjust the timing:

FileInstall ("C:\HELLO.jpg", @TempDir&"\tempx.jpg",1)
TraySetState (2)

While $i = 1
SplashImageOn ("You're a horrible little bitch", @TempDir&"\tempx.jpg",500, 521)
sleep (250)
SplashOff ()
sleep (360000)

Please note this is to be used as a joke, it's in terribly poor taste and if you put it on the wrong dude's computer you could earn yourself a trip to HR.