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I use the cgminer app for bitcoin mining. I noticed sometimes it would fail out and I'd have to login to a remote pc (sometimes from work) and fuss with it. I wrote a tiny little app to handle that chore for me. I thought you could use it. Please note that I didn't really take any time to make it user friendly so your paths etc. will have to match mine. Fortunately it just requires you use the path c:\cgminer so no big sweat. The instructions below are for someone starting from scratch, if you already have cgminer set up just move the program and the files in that directory to c:\cgminer and make the batch file the way described below and place it alongside cgminer.exe.

  1. Go here and download cgminer
    1. Unzip it and MOVE the files (not the directory) to a new folder you make called CGMiner at the root of the C: drive (C:\CGMINER)
      1. Hint, if you did this right cgminer.exe's path is c:\cgminer\cgminer.exe
  2. Go here and get a config file for your graphics card
    1. Make a new .txt file in the c:\cgminer directory and rename it cgminer.bat (NOT cgminer.bat.txt or cgminer.tx)
    2. Paste the stuff from the link in # 2 into it
    3. Edit the 2nd line from cgminer  to C:\cgminer\cgminer.exe 
    4. Save the edited batch script
    5. Here is a working example of a batch file that will actually work for you but it'll mine coins for me - so unless you're like my fairy godmother it is just for testing. 
  3. Download my program (32 and 64 bit options available). It's not a bad idea to put it in the cgminer directory but you can leave it wherever.
  4. Make a shortcut to my program
  5. Place the shortcut here: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
  6. Run the shortcut, it'll start the watch (you'll see the pick and shovel icon down by the clock). It will also autorun when the computer restarts because of step 5 above. 
Now my program will check every 30 seconds to see if cgminer is running. If not, it'll fire it up for ya.