Seabyrd Technologies has been authoring and giving away software since 2003.  Our popularity is directly attributable to our loyal users; most people find us from user recommendations.  

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Product Listing

Blackberry Video Converter
Our most popular freeware. Puts any movie on your Blackberry Pearl or 8800.

Boss keeps pulling a 'drive-by' trying to catch you goofing off?  This is absolutely what you need.

Jedi Admin Tool
Allows you to launch any programs you want using whatever credentials you want. AWESOME for techs fighting with UAC.

Kills a process you specify every time it shows up. Great for sketchy virus situations.

IR Remote Launcher Lite and Full Versions
Programs for Windows Media Center Remote. Allows you to easily customize hotkeys to do what you want.

Multi-Install Tool
Create your own distributable installers to allow non-admin users to install programs of your choice.  Perfect for remote users who need updates!

Mouse Monkey
Simple - moves your mouse every 60 seconds to keep your computer awake or your screen-saver dead.  Did I mention it is simple?

Stand alone program that you can deploy to your users to solve problems with Lync contacts not updating. Especially helpful for situations where only some people's contacts won't update or won't update consistently. 

If you're running Shoretel and Outlook 2010 AND are really annoyed, here you go.

Games and Jokes

Grabs your mugshot from Battlefield Heroes.

Pops up a 1 finger salute for .2 seconds every 6 minutes. Great for a joke to play on a buddy or for somebody you actually don't like. The popup is just long enough for you to go 'WTF WAS THAT!'

Chrome Themes

The earth

(If you have a pic you want me to make a theme of email me and lets work on it)